Often there are simple ways to improve ball striking.
Two common reasons that golfers hit fat and/or thin approach shots with their irons and how to fix them.
Fat and/or thin approach shots with irons are the pain of many golfers. What’s the cause?
Everyone wants more of this.
The manufacturers have made Par 3’s easier. It’s your turn to take advantage of that improvement.
Are you making it more difficult to hit good iron shots on Par 3’s?
Par 3’s require good game management and good decision making.
How could you improve your scores on the Par 3’s?
You don’t have to be the lonely, long-distance runner to succeed.
How you decide to practice can accelerate your improvement and have unexpected benefits.
Decide to acquire a new skill or master a new shot. Please do. Along the way, “mix it up”.
That’s the answer to the question “how good could you be?”. And according to one scientist with less effort than expected.
And everything in between.
We’ve changed some advice offered by one of the world’s most famous mental game coaches.
Often there’s a single change that delivers the broadest smile.
In the last three weeks, we’ve asked questions about what you most want out of your golf.
Which is your favorite format, and which would you rather not play?
You’re driving to the club to play golf. What most inspires you about your golf today?
We’re interested in where you rank on a scale from 1 (where golf is a recreational and social past-time) to 5 (it’s all about competitive sport).
If your #1 priority when playing golf is “fun with friends”, then without a doubt, this is the best format to play.