A zone that’s more important than your driver’s hitting zone.
Two simple setup mishaps that can lead to wasted metres.
How fast you swing is less important than how you transfer that speed into contact on the club face.
1mph of ball speed adds 2 metres of distance. And a lot can happen in 2 metres.
Whatever your age, easier seems more logical.
Your mind, manufacturer’s technology, our fitting; what a combination.
The wisdom of age combined with the technology of now is an amazing mix.
When you arrive at a golf club rank 1, 2, and 3 what’s most important to you
Everyone is different and everyone balances the different reasons to play the game. How do you balance them?
Feel and forgiveness come together in the new Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge.
Shot placement is a lot easier with the new Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge.
The new Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge has a grind for every situation.
The new Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge is all about forgiveness.
There is a way to gain confidence, add certainty, and make more magic on the course.
Golf is random enough at times, so here’s a reminder of how to add certainty.
You’re doing so much more than buying a new set of irons. How much better is it standing over the ball with confidence?
There are many aspects to a Fitting for better approach shots. Distance and accuracy are obvious. Stopping power is another.
We fit you to make it easier to make square contact. But when you don’t we can still help.
Club makers believe that most golfers experience a breakdown in consistency at 37 inches.
First, start with the result you want. If its more magical moments, we have the answer.